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If you are in Czechia, you can use this page to get help and information about UNHCR’s services.

If you do not currently live in Czechia, please visit UNHCR Help page of the country you are in:

➡️ I want information on UNHCR and want to contact them
➡️ I want to apply for asylum in Czechia | I have applied for asylum in Czechia and want free legal aid
➡️ I am looking for information on returning home
➡️ I am under 18 and looking for help | I am looking for help for my child
➡️ I am looking for health care
➡️ I want to find a job
➡️ I am looking for information on housing
➡️ I am looking for Czech language courses
➡️ Experiencing violence? Need help?

Please note that ALL services delivered by UNHCR and partners are provided for FREE.


Are you coming from Ukraine? Are you seeking help? Please find more information on your situation here.

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