Entry and stay

Important Update: Information on the Red-White-Red Card Plus:

The residence permit (temporary protection) for persons from Ukraine will automatically be extended to 4 March 2025. Are you already registered in Austria and do you have a registered address (Meldezettel)? Then you will receive your ID Card (“Ausweis für Vertriebene”) automatically via post. An application is not necessary. Important: If you have a new address in Austria, you have to register your new address (Meldezettel). Please find more information on the BFA-website.

If you are travelling through Austria

You can enter Austria freely and have access to basic services such as emergency shelter, you do not have to register.  

If you wish to stay in Austria

If you have the Ukrainian nationality or if you were granted protection status in Ukraine, you and your family members are entitled to “temporary protection” under certain conditions.

You will need to register with the police at specific police stations or special reception centers (“Erfassungsstellen”).  

Once you are registered, you will have access to basic welfare support (“Grundversorgung”; including accommodation, basic care and health insurance), education and other services.  

You will also receive your ID card (“Ausweis für Vertriebene”) which will give you access to the job market. The ID card will usually be sent to your address. Therefore it is important that you register your place of residence (“Meldezettel”). Please note that it may take some time until your ID card is sent to your address.

You do not have the Ukrainian nationality and were not granted protection status in Ukraine, but you lived in Ukraine? If you are able to return to your home country, your stay in Austria is legal until your departure. Maybe you are entitled to another residence permit in Austria. Please contact one of the legal counselling NGOs for questions on residence permits or the asylum procedure in Austria. You can find contact details here.

For information on help in Austria, please click here.  

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