Recognized refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection

Your rights as a recognized refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection

  • You have access to work, education, social welfare and medical care. Please note that the amount of social welfare you receive depends on the Province (in German: Bundesland) that you live in. Please note that not all Provinces grant social welfare to beneficiaries of subsidiary protection.
  • You can apply for a travel document that allows you to visit other countries.
  • As a refugee you will receive a residence permit that is valid for three years. If the asylum authorities do not notify you otherwise, the residence permit will be renewed automatically and will become unlimited.
  • As a refugee or holder of subsidiary protection you can apply for a long-term residency permit (after 5 years) or Austrian citizenship (after 10 years or 6 years, if you are exceptionally well integrated) if you fulfil all required conditions. For more information on the general requirements for obtaining Austrian citizenship, please see here.
  • If you received subsidiary protection, you will get a residence permit that is valid for one year. If the situation in your home country has not improved significantly, you can apply for a renewal of your permit (the renewed permit will be valid for 2 years).

Your obligations as a recognized refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection

  • You must respect and follow the law of the country; breaking national laws may result in the suspension of your rights as a holder of international protection as well as criminal proceedings.
  • Your primary country of residence has to be Austria. You have to have a certificate of residence (German: Meldezettel).
  • You have to sign an integration agreement. In this agreement you sign that you are willing to integrate in Austria, learn German and respect the rules of the country.