General Information

Continued hard lockdown as of 25 January 2021.

As of Monday, 25 January 2021, new COVID-measures (“lockdown”) will be in place in Austria. The new measures include the new mandatory minimum distance of 2 metres and the obligation to wear FFP2 masks in several cases.

The COVID-19 measures include in detail i.a. the following points:

Leaving the home is only permitted for the following reasons:

  • To avert danger
  • To help others and exercise family rights or perform family duties
  • To meet basic personal needs
    • For example: to go to the supermarket, to the graveyard or to the doctors
    •  For example: contact with the following individuals outside of your household: a partner, close relative (e.g. parents, children, siblings) or significant individual who you regularly see (several times a week). The minimum distance of 2 metres must not be kept in this case.
    • Please note: one or more persons from one household may meet with only one person from another household.
  • For work purposes if necessary
  • For physical exercise and mental wellbeing (e.g. going for a walk or run)
  • For appointments before the authority or court that cannot be postponed (e.g. BFA, BVwG)

Events/Gatherings are prohibited.

Minimum distance of 2 metres:

In all public places (indoor and outdoor), a distance of at least 2 metres must be kept to people not living in the same household.

Mask wearing:

In all indoor public places close-fitting masks completely covering the mouth and nose area must be worn in addition to the minimum distance of 2 metres.

The use of FFP2 masks without exhalation valves is mandatory i.a. in the following cases:

  • In all currently opened shops (grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, etc.)
  • In public transportation (metro, tram, bus, train etc.) and carpooling
  • Markets (indoor and outdoor)
  • Gastronomy (as far as opened; such as pick up services and canteens)
  • Administrative authorities (such as BFA) and administrative courts (such as BVwG)

In addition to FFP2-masks, the minimum distance of 2 meters has to be kept.

The obligation to wear FFP2-masks applies to all individuals aged 14 and above.  Children between 6-14 years can wear close-fitting masks covering their mouth and nose instead. Children below the age of 6 do not have to cover their mouth and nose. The obligation to wear FFP2-masks does not apply to pregnant women or in specific cases due to underlying health reasons. Instead, close-fitting masks covering the mouth and nose have to be worn.

Schools, kindergartens, universities:

  • Home schooling continues.
  • Schools and kindergartens will be open for those children whose parents need childcare, but there will be no lessons/regular programme there.

Leisure and sports:

  • Contact sports (e.g. football, basketball) are not allowed.
  • Outdoor sports without physical contact to others are permitted. The minimum distance of 2 metres must always be kept.
  • Outdoor sport venues (example: ice skating) may be visited. The minimum distance of 2 metres must be kept.

Travelling to Austria:

From 19 December 2020 stricter entry measures to Austria apply. Persons entering Austria from abroad have to self-isolate for 10 days . After the 5th day of quarantine, there is the possibility to end self-isolation earlier by a negative PCR or antigen test. Please note that there are some exceptions. Before travelling, please check for respective regulations, e.g. on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

New rules as of 15 January 2021

From Friday 15 January 2021, people entering Austria need to complete an online pre-clearance before their departure, forms are available in English and German.

Further information and protective measures

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