General Information

Every person in Austria above 12 can get vaccinated for free, you can find more information about vaccination at the end of the page! 

Some information about current COVID-19-measures can be found below:

Proof of a negative COVID-test, COVID-vaccination, or recovery  
(In German the so-called “3G rule”)

  • For various leisure activities (e.g. restaurants, indoor gyms and other leisure facilities) you will need to provide a proof of a negative COVID-test, vaccination or recovery. Please make sure to obtain the necessary information, for example on the ÖIF-website.  
  • Please note: children below the age of 11 and children who attend primary school do not need to provide a proof of a negative COVID-test, COVID-vaccination or recovery. 
  • Proof of a negative COVID-test, vaccination or recovery is not needed in shops.
  • Proof of a negative COVID-test, vaccination or recovery is also needed for services with close physical contact to others (e.g. hairdressers). However, wearing a mask during these services is not mandatory.

Mask wearing:

Since 15. September FFP-2-masks must again be worn in some public indoor places such as public transport, supermarkets, post offices, administrative authorities (such as BFA) and administrative courts (such as BVwG). Please check respective local information carefully!


Gatherings with people from different households are allowed again. There is no time or capacity limit on the permissibility of gatherings. Only gatherings over 100 people need to be registered, while gatherings over 500 people need to get approved by the Austrian authorities, for gatherings above 25 people the 3-G-rule applies.

Schools and kindergartens

  • Kindergarten and schools returned to regular classroom teaching. 
  • Children who want to attend classes have to provide a poof of a negative Covid-Test, a Covid-vaccination or recovery from Covid-19.  
  • Mask wearing in the classroom is not obligatory anymore. During the breaks and while moving in the school building, mask wearing is still mandatory.
  • For more detailed info, please click here (in German) and check directly with the school.

Travelling to Austria

Individuals who travel to Austria need to provide a proof of a negative COVID-test, COVID-vaccination or recovery upon arrival. For certain states quarantine rules don’t apply anymore. Please make sure to inform yourself, as different rules apply for different states. Before travelling, please check for respective regulations, e.g. on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs as well as of the Ministry for European and International Affairs (in German).

Info on vaccination

Multilingual information:

Further information and protective measures

Information on the correct handling of face masks in different languages:
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Information from the City of Vienna

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