General Information

Every person in Austria above 12 can get vaccinated for free, vaccination for children aged 5-12 is already available too. You can find more information about vaccination at the end of the page! 

Vaccination protects well against severe sickness! More information about vaccinations can be found at the bottom of this page.

+++ Pleases note! The lockdown for persons who are not vaccinated/recovered continues +++

FFP-2 masks

In all public areas FFP-2 masks are again mandatory for all persons (e.g. in public transport, grocery stores, post office, etc.); you also need an FFP-2 mask for appointments at the BFA and at the court (BVwG). Please check carefully which rules apply.

Schools and Kindergarten

Kindergartens and school are open to all children if needed, however, also home schooling is possible. Please check carefully about opening and rules of your respective school/kindergarten.
Prerequisite for school attendance is regular PCR testing.
Since mid-November, there is again a comprehensive mask requirement in schools.

Private meetings

The number of participants for private meetings is still restricted, please check carefully which rules apply!

+++ Please note! The lockdown for persons who are not vaccinated/recoverd continues +++

Some information COVID-19-measures for not vaccinated/not recovered persons can be found below:

For not vaccinated/not recovered persons leaving the house is only allowed for:

  • Meeting basic needs of daily life such as:
    • Contact with a spouse or partner, individual close relatives or individual close contacts with whom there is normally contact several times per week
    • Shopping for the necessities of daily life, e.g. going to supermarket, pharmacies, the bank, post office or petrol stations.
    • Healthcare, including COVID-19 vaccination or testing
    • Religious purposes including visiting the cemetery and individual visits to places of worship
    • Looking after animals
  • Work and education purposes
  • Exercise or relaxation outdoors alone, with people living in the same household or with a spouse or partner, close relatives or individual close contacts with whom there is normally contact several times per week
  • For administrative and legal appointments that cannot be postponed
  • Getting take-away meals from restaurants
  • Attending only specific kinds of gatherings and meetings including work meetings, funerals and demonstrations.

Travelling to Austria

Individuals who travel to Austria generally need to provide proof of COVID-vaccination or recovery PLUS a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) upon arrival (so-called “2G+-rule”). 

For persons coming to Austria for work reasons on a daily basis, less strict testing rules might apply.

There are also exceptions e.g. for children, pregnant women etc.

Persons with a legal residence in Austria may also enter without 2G+ but will have to quarantine after arrival. When entering from so-called virus variant areas, even stricter rules might apply. Individuals with a third/„booster“ vaccine do not need to provide a negative PCR test upon entry.

Please note: When entering from so-called virus variant areas, even stricter rules apply. Please make sure to inform yourself thoroughly before travelling. Please check carefully for respective regulations, e.g. on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs as well as of the Ministry for European and International Affairs (in German).

Info on vaccination

Multilingual information:

Further information and protective measures

Multilingual information can be found on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection:—Aktuelle-Informationen-in-Fremdsprachen-.html

Multilingual information of NGO Zebra:

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Multilingual Radio Orange 94.0 series on COVID-19 in German, English, Arabic, Farsi and Somali

Information material by IOM in 32 languages
Audio clips by IOM in 12 languages

Free app from provides information on current developments in relation to the Corona virus in various languages and subtitles ORF reports on COVID-19

Information from the City of Vienna

City of Vienna: Information about Coronavirus in different languages

Multi-lingual Info-Service

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