UNHCR in Algeria

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, protects people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution, providing life-saving support, protecting their rights, and helping them build better futures.

  • In Algiers, UNHCR and partners provide assistance and complementary specialized services (education, GBV, health, child protection, MHPSS, legal, multipurpose cash assistance and livelihood support) for refugees and asylum-seekers, with a particular focus on those with specific needs and fostering community participation.
  • In the Sahrawi refugee camps, UNHCR provides lifesaving humanitarian response facilitating access to health, water, education, livelihoods, energy, food security and dignified shelter, ensuring the participation of women and girls, youth and persons with disabilities.

Applying for asylum

Receive information on how to apply for asylum in Algeria, which are the procedures, and what rights and duties you have as a refugee or asylum-seeker in the country. To know more, click here.


If you or any family member are in age of schooling (6-16 years old), you have the right to enroll in the public education system. Public schools are free of charge. If you need help signing up for school, you can reach UNHCR’s partner Adwaa Rights

If you are interested in learning about scholarships to study in Algerian universities or in education opportunities through online learning, click here.


Access to public health care services in Algeria is free of charge, guaranteed to anyone living on Algerian soil, regardless of their origin or legal status (Algerian Health Law 2018).

To access health services, get in touch with the health center closest to your place of residence. If you need help, please contact the Algerian Red Crescent.

Legal assistance

UNHCR can provide legal assistance for refugees and asylum-seekers.

Civil registration

UNHCR can also facilitate access to civil registration, including birth registration in Algeria and information on voluntary returns and repatriations in security.