Applications for foster families

Call for applications for foster families
UNHCR Algeria (Algiers)

In order to ensure the best interest of refugee and asylum-seeking children under the mandate of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Algiers office is calling for applications from families and individuals who wish to collaborate with UNHCR to ensure the protection of unaccompanied, separated or at-risk children by fostering and caring for them.
For this purpose, UNHCR is looking for refugees who are interested in being a foster family for unaccompanied children, separated from their families or children at risk for several months or weeks.


  • The foster family guarantees the necessary and recommended safety and protection for the child.
  • The foster family tries to meet the basic needs of the child (food, health, activities and other)
  • The foster family accompanies the child to ensure his/her well-being and development.
  • The foster family reports to UNHCR and its partners any identified needs or risks for the child
  • The family will welcome the child in the apartment where they live and that it is an appropriate space
  • The foster family ensures the child’s successful integration
  • The foster family ensures confidential management of the child’s personal data
  • The foster family must undergo any training provided by UNHCR or Adwaa Rights that is related to child
  • protection, conflict management, emotional management, budget management, early childhood, education,
  • pedagogy and others.
  • The foster family must accept regular visits from social workers and UNHCR.


  1. Foster families should consist of two people (male/female, male or female); a primary focal point and a back-up that the children know well. Commitment agreement must be obtained from both foster family focal points.
  2. The foster family focal point must be registered with UNHCR and have refugee status.
  3. The foster family focal point must be of legal age (minimum 25 years)
  4. The foster family focal point must be a parent or have previous experience with children
  5. A minimum of one year stay in Algeria to know the context
  6. Optional: Knowledge of child protection and international refugee protection principles would be a plus

Foster families will receive financial compensation for their services.

You may apply and submit the form online, link: