Non-governmental organisations

Social counselling / Integration

Many nongovernmental organisations offer social counselling in the different cantons. You can ask for assistance e.g. by contacting the organisations listed below:

  • Social counselling as well as further services and projects to foster integration, equal opportunities and participation of asylum seekers and refugees by Caritas
  • Social counselling and further services to support the socially disadvantaged by HEKS
  • Counselling and further services to support integration and access to work by SAH
  • Information about lunch tables, german lessons, clothes, medical treatment or legal advice in a variety of Swiss cities and regions by the app I-Need

Persons in detention

Persons without a residence permit

Women and girls / Sexual and gender-based violence

Here you can get confidential counselling free of charge:

Forced marriage

  • Counselling for persons threatened with forced marriage, or in a forced marriage by


Human trafficking

  • Counselling and support for victims of human trafficking by Astrée

Children and Families