Life in Liechtenstein for temporary protection beneficiaries

Health care :

To call an ambulance dial 144

If you need urgent medical care you can go to the main hospital: Liechtensteinisches Landesspital Heiligkreuz, 9490 Vaduz, Phone: +423 235 44 16

If you have question on the health services available in Liechtenstein, you can contact the Liechtenstein Refugee Council.

Social aid

You will receive welfare benefits, pocket money, accommodation and support, and the costs for the compulsory health insurance are covered.


As soon as you receive your residence permit you are allowed to work in Liechtenstein (in a dependent or independent profession). Once you have found a job you will have to present your job contract to the Liechtenstein Refugee Council which in coordination with Liechtenstein authorities will give you approval to start your activity.

The wage you will receive will be administered by the Liechtenstein Refugee Council. You will only receive a certain portion of it.  A part will be used to cover the costs of the social assistance which you received. 


The Liechtenstein Refugee Council is responsible to register children for school attendance. Children might need to wait for a maximum of 30 days before they can go to school. To have an overview of the education system in Liechtenstein you can consult the last page of this document (also available in Ukrainian and Russian).

If you would like to continue your higher education in Liechtenstein, you can contact the Liechtenstein University to find out more: Phone: +423 265 11 11, Email: [email protected].

Travel outside of Liechtenstein

With your residence permit and your passport, you are allowed to travel and stay freely in the Schengen area, for a period up to 90 days within a period of 180 days and return to Liechtenstein without prior authorization by Liechtenstein authorities. The entry regulations of the respective countries of destination apply.  Your main residence will remain Liechtenstein.

If you have questions, please contact the Liechtenstein Refugee Council or Liechtenstein migration authorities:

Liechtenstein Refugee Council (Flüchtlingshilfe Liechtenstein (FHL)): Heuweg 8, [email protected], +423 388 12 90

Liechtenstein migration authorities (Ausländer- und Passamt (APA)): Städtle 38, 9490 Vaduz, [email protected], +423 236 6141