UNHCR Sudan - Help for refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people

Welcome to HELP Sudan, a website created by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency to provide useful information to individuals seeking information or support inside Sudan. 

➡️ If you are a Sudanese national and are seeking support, please note that UNHCR is not involved in exit procedures or evacuations from Sudan.

➡️ If you are a Sudanese national currently displaced within Sudan due to the ongoing situation, we are considering ways of delivering support to you.

➡️ If you are outside of Sudan and wish to seek help, including information on asylum procedures, please visit the HELP website of the country where you are located.

➡️ If you are a refugee seeking for job opportunities, visit this website: Job seeking advice for refugees.

If you are a refugee or asylum-seeker or among people displaced inside Sudan, read information on where to seek help and services and assistance available to you.

➡️ You can join UNHCR telegram channel here to receive regular information.

➡️ You can receive information or chat with a UNHCR staff by contacting our WhatsApp channel (+249 90 093 4472.)