Moving from Sudan

Can UNHCR help me move from Sudan to another country?

While we understand the challenges that you are experiencing, unfortunately, UNHCR Sudan is not involved in exit procedures or evacuations of any person from Sudan.

Depending on your circumstances, you might decide to self-relocate to a safer location. We strongly encourage you to take this decision as a last resort after gathering information on the safety of your route and destination.

⚠️ Please remember that in these times, many people might want to take advantage of your situation under the promise of transporting you to safety. These people might charge large amounts of money and transport you through dangerous routes while also restricting your freedom.

⚠️ UNHCR advises you not to engage with any persons offering to illegally transport you to different states or countries, as you might fall victim to exploitation.

⚠️ Remember to always carry with you your Refugee ID card, proof of registration and/or any other documentation issued by UNHCR or the government.

I am afraid that I will be forced to return to my country of origin. Can you help?

If you, your family members, and/or any other refugee you know is at risk of being forcibly returned to a location where safety or liberty can be in danger, please call UNHCR at our hotlines or approach UNHCR’s legal aid partner, Mutawinat Benevolent Company for Legal Aid.

UNHCR Hotlines

📞 Khartoum:  0900934474

📞 East Darfur:  0900278666 & 0900278630

📞 Central Darfur: 0 912202640

📞 Kassala: 0912363436  (Sunday through Thursday From 08:30 to 16:00)

(Fridays/Saturdays From 11:00 to 15:00)

📞 Girba: 0912155648

📞 Gedaref: 0123154969

📞 South Kordofan- Kadugli: 0994490297

📞 South Kordofan- Abu Jubayha: 0961300257

📞 West Kordofan: 0111312065

📞 North Kordofan: 0961300215

📞 Blue Nile: 0912177814

Mutawinat Hotlines

📞 Khartoum 129246407

📞 Darfur States 122206456

📞 Kordofan States 122235438

📞 River Nile State 119910733

📞 Gedaref State 110235371 , 0122696218

📞 Kassala and Port Sudan 0110246225 , 0917057222

📞 Madani 124334000

📞 Gezira State 0120011296 , 0924232301


I was in the process of resettlement/ sponsorship/ family reunification; what is going to happen to my case?

UNHCR and IOM have temporarily suspended case processing and resettlement departures, as well as support for family reunification and sponsorship programs for admission to third countries, due to the current security situation. UNHCR, IOM and the governments in receiving countries remain committed to processing active cases and making necessary travel arrangements including medical examinations, as soon as the security situation permits. In the meantime, it is important that you notify UNHCR if you change your phone number, email, or physical address so that UNHCR can contact you with further information regarding your case.

⚠️ You might receive misinformation about resettlement on social media, through word of mouth, and from other sources. We strongly encourage you to wait for verified and reliable information, which UNHCR will provide to you directly if you have an active resettlement case.

➡️ If you want to learn more about the Resettlement process, please read our FAQs.

Can UNHCR help me to return to my country of origin?

Due to the prevailing security situation, UNHCR cannot facilitate your return to your country of origin.

UNHCR may be able to provide information on the conditions in your country to help you make an informed decision to ensure returns take place in conditions of safety and dignity.

If you are in Kassala, Port Sudan, Gedaref, White Nile State or Blue Nile State and would like information about the possibility of returning to your country of origin, you may also reach out to the Commissioner on Refugees (COR) in your area.

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