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Khartoum state

The Sudanese Red Crescent Society has established two hotlines which you can contact if you need support:

📞 0912881874

📞 0114521874


Contact UNHCR Hotline through:  📞 0900934474

Darfur states

Activities in most localities have been suspended due to ongoing fighting. This is due to the lack of safe access to these services by all who need them. Therefore, we advise you to continue to shelter in place and to prioritize your personal safety. you can contact UNHCR through following numbers:

📞 East Darfur:  0900278666 & 0900278630

📞 Central Darfur: 0900933256

📞 North Darfur ( El Fasher): 0912725848

📞 North Darfur ( Kabkabiya):  0912167015

📞 South Darfur   0912179232 & 0921333559 & 0920502030



Kordofan states

Activities in many localities have been temporarily suspended due to ongoing fighting. This is due to the lack of safe access to these services by all who need them.

If you are not in West Kordofan and the Eastern corridor, you may still be able to access services. If you are in an area with fighting, please shelter in place.

➡️ Please contact the hotline located nearest to you

📞 South Kordofan- Kadugli: 0994490297

📞 South Kordofan- Abu Jubayha: 0961300257

📞 West Kordofan: 0111312065

📞 North Kordofan: 0961300215


Kassala State

Support to the camps in Kassala remains available to new arrivals and to persons previously registered there. Refugees and asylum seekers have to approach The Commissioner for Refugees (COR)for support and linkages to existing services. In Girba, UNHCR has resumed its help desk protection activities in the reception center of Shagarab camps. Refugees and displaced persons can approach the protection help desk every Wednesday from 10:00 – 15:00 for protection counseling, queries and or expressing request for voluntary return to the country of origin. However, please note that UNHCR itself does not entertain and/or directly facilitate any request for voluntary repatriation to the countries of origin for now due to the prevailing situation.

📞 Girba: 0912155648

📞 Kassala: 0912363436

Gedaref State

UNHCR and partners remain operational in Gedaref and you will be able to receive services, despite challenges in providing cash and other material support. If you recently arrived in Gedaref state, you will be approached to provide information on your situation so assistance can be determined. you can contact UNHCR through:

📞 Gedaref: 0123154969

Blue Nile state

Several partners in the camp are available and if you are in the camp you will be approached to provide information on your situation so assistance can be determined. You can contact UNHCR through:

📞 Blue Nile:  0912177814

White Nile state

The UNHCR White Nile Operation, in coordination with COR, uses various means and channels to address the needs of the Crisis Affected Population. Within the current context, the operation maintains a presence in WNS and continues to provide essential services in partnership with other UN agencies, local government ministries, departments and agencies, NGO partners, refugee community-based protection networks (CBPN) and IDP-led organizations.

You can contact your community representatives, CBPN teams, COR, or the partners operating in camp and communities to share your feedback, complaints, information and suggestions.

You can also reach UNHCR White Nile focal points directly through the Phone/WhatsApp numbers below:

📞+249 91 243 8718,

📞 +249 91 366 5508,

📞+249 90 094 3419

UNHCR focal persons remain available and will continue to engage refugees and IDPs in the collective effort to provide quality protection and assistance as well as information sharing and receiving your feedback.


Port Sudan

Does UNHCR have an office in Port Sudan?

UNHCR has a very limited presence in Port Sudan. Commissioner for Refugees (COR), UNHCR’s government partner, has an operational office in Port Sudan.

As a refugee or asylum seeker displaced to Port Sudan, who is my first point of contact?

COR office in Port Sudan should be your first destination upon arrival. It is located in the “Transit” neighborhood. Telephone no– 0912726413.

I lost all my documents while fleeing? What’s going to happen?

When the internet connectivity is functional, COR staff at COR office can help you re-issue your documents once confirmed that you are a registered asylum seeker or refugee.

Are refugee registration and documentation services currently active in Port Sudan?

If you are already a registered refugee or an asylum seeker in another location and lost your documents, Commissioner for Refugees (COR) can help re-issue your refugee or asylum seeker document, but it depends on internet connectivity, so it might be delayed. If in need of registration services, please carry any documents you can use to identify yourself. New asylum seekers as per the authorities’ decision can be issued temporary documents for further registration or Refugee Status Determination. Please consult with COR on your eligibility.

What if I am approached by a smuggler to help me leave Sudan by sea or by road?

We advise against taking that risk. In these times, there are many people who might want to take advantage of your situation under the promise of transporting you to safety. These people might charge large amounts of money and transport you through dangerous routes, while also restricting your freedom. UNHCR advises that you do not engage with anyone offering to illegally transport you to different states or countries, as you might fall victim to exploitation.

You can contact UNHCR’s legal partner, Mutawinat Benevolent Company for Legal Aid, for more information:

0918023439 in Port Sudan

0966672681 in Sawakin

Can UNHCR help me return to my country of origin?

Due to the prevailing security situation, UNHCR will not be able to facilitate your return to country of origin. UNHCR may be able to provide information on the conditions in your country to help you make an informed decision to ensure returns take place in conditions of safety and dignity.

If you are a refugee and you are in Port Sudan and would like information about the possibility of returning to your country of origin, you may also reach out to the Commissioner on Refugees (COR) in “Transit” neighborhood in Port Sudan.

How can I get cash assistance from UNHCR?

There is no cash program in Port Sudan. We will continue to work with partners to ensure alternative ways to support the most vulnerable and persons at risk.

I am afraid that I will be forced to return to my country of origin

If you, your family members, and/or any other refugee you know is at risk of being forcibly returned to a location where your safety can be in danger, please contact UNHCR’s legal aid partner, Mutawinat Benevolent Company for Legal Aid.

0918023439 in Port Sudan

0966672681 in Sawakin


Algazira State


Message  to the Refugees in Al Jazeera State


In light of the recent security developments in Al Jazeera state that may impact the safety of the communities, The Commissioner for Refugees (COR) and UNHCR would like to assure you that your protection and safety is our top priority. While you should not panic, we encourage you and your family members/dependents to stay informed and take necessary precautions for your own safety.

We understand that  circumstances may vary according to different locations within Al Jazeera. Hence, We acknowledge that you are better positioned to make your own informed decisions that best suit your needs and safeguard your safety.

While COR and UNHCR Sudan are not actively involved in facilitating exit procedures or evacuations at this stage, depending on your circumstances, you might decide to self-relocate to a safer location. You are strongly advised to take this decision only after gathering updated and reliable information on the safety of the route chosen and your intended destination.

Should you decide to relocate to a safer place, you may contact COR/ UNHCR and partners who are on the ground.   For urgent matters you may   call through the following numbers:

  • Gadaref 0123154969
  • Kassala 0912363436
  • Girba 0912155648
  •  Interagency Call center (1460)

Please be informed that COR/UNHCR, and partners will continue to share information to assist you in making informed decisions. We encourage open communication within the refugee and affected communities , and we will remotely support you with getting updated information that enables you and your family members to make informed choices that support your safety and protection.  Additionally, we will continue to provide updates and guidance through community members, Service Lines and digital platforms as the situation evolves.

Key Points:

  • The refugees and the affected communities are advised, to stay informed and follow official advice for  It is important to listen to official messages from emergency services, local authorities, and follow their instructions.
  • Please remember to stay calm and informed. Supporting one another is crucial during these times.
  • If you decide to relocate internally, please ensure that you have with you your own personal documents and those of your family members, such as documents related to your refugee, asylum or any other residence status and/or identity. It is recommended that you keep a copy (even digital) of your documents in a safe place as replacement of lost documents will be easier.
  • Should you decide to relocate, please ensure that no family members are left behind to prevent separation from family members and other dependents.
  • We encourage you to provide support to vulnerable members of the community including children and the elderly. By prioritizing their needs, you are providing essential help and opportunities for fellow community members in need and your solidarity strengthens the network for everyone. Once reached to safety, UNHCR and partners will also prioritize the requests of those with Specific Needs.

please contact  the following communication channels for counselling or further referrals to partners:

Communication Channels:

  • UNHCR Wad Madani Service Line Tel: 0900284866
  • Interagency Call center (1460) accessible throughout the country
  • WhatsApp channel: +249900934472 (available in four languages)
  • Telegram channel: https://t.me/UNHCRSudaninformationchannel
  • A confidential email address for two-way communication with UNHCR linked to Help page and is accessible at: [email protected]



Northern state

UNHCR is present in Northern state ( Wadi Halfa) and is doing protection monitoring on regular basis targeting the gathering points. UNHCR is also conducting a regular protection desk at Sudanese Red Crescent’s office alongside refugees and third country nationals profiling. Additional protection help desks will be established in other locations accessible to Infernally Displaced Personss.

If you hear reports of stranded population including children at risk of being trafficked, report the incidents to the UNHCR help desk or report to the protection monitoring team during the protection monitoring visits.

If you need to follow up on a lost family member in Wadi halfa, You can approach International Committee of the Red Cross at the Sudanese Red Crescent’s office in Halfa and talk to the Restoring Family Links focal person.

Medical Assistance:

For medical services, you can approach the Wadi Halfa health center for medical assistance. UNHCR in collaboration with Ministry of Health, AOSD, and Sudanese Red Crescent’s office is also looking into ways to ensure stranded population have access to primary healthcare services and health referral for displaced persons.

Gender Based Violence response:

It is recommended to immediately approach the Wadi Halfa health center for medical assistance and report to the police for intervention. You can also approach Nada Al Azhar for further assistance including case management and psychosocial support.

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