Job-seeking advice for refugees

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Do you need advice on how to navigate the international job market as a refugee?

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, can advise you on navigating the international job market as a refugee.

On this page, you can find links to the talent rosters of our vetted partners that can help you bring your skills, qualifications and experience to the attention of employers around the world.

Please bear in mind that this website is built to provide you with information on job search in third countries, and you cannot submit job applications directly through this website.

Here you will find:

  1. Countries offering programmes
  2. Our employment partners
  3. How to find a job abroad
  4. Success Stories

Countries offering refugee-specific employment programmes

Certain countries around the world have established specific employment programmes tailored to the needs of people forced to flee.

Where can refugees find jobs internationally?

Generally speaking, a job search for refugees is no different from a job search for any other candidate. There are various websites, online platforms and tools that allow job seekers to identify international job openings that match their skills and expectations. However, not all opportunities are tailored to the specific needs of refugees.

Our employment partners

UNHCR works closely with our partners, Talent Beyond Boundaries and Talent Lift, who have built their own rosters to put refugee skills and experience in front of employers around the world. These talent pools allow interested employers to access talented refugees and identify the necessary skills to fill their shortages. Both rosters can be a great starting point in your job search as a refugee.

Talent Beyond Boundaries’ Talent Catalog is a platform for skilled refugees to register, document their skills, get customised support to create a strong application, and find a job matching their skills and experience. It aims to help match refugees with employers in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, the UK and the USA.

TalentLift’s talent platform is a roster of skilled candidates living in refugee circumstances with diverse backgrounds and qualifications. TalentLift helps connect refugee job seekers living anywhere in the world with employers in Canada.

How does it work?

  1. Register your profile with the above talent pools on their website. It’s an easy process, and it’s free.
  2. Provide your contact information, educational background, profession, language and other skills, and working experience, and upload any supporting documents.
  3. If your profile matches the skills they are looking for, the partner organisation will get in touch to start the recruitment process.

    Please remember: Registration in the talent rosters does not equal to being matched with a job opportunity.

Tips on applying

  1. List your skills, qualifications and experience in detail, to improve your chances of getting the attention of employers.
  2. Keep your profile up-to-date to optimize your chances of meeting an employer’s requirements.
  3. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. Both rosters are created to support people living displaced outside of their countries of origin who are in need of international protection.
  4. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of all the details of the job offer before accepting it (including the conditions of employment and benefits, eligibility of your family members to accompany or follow, legal status you acquire upon arrival and subsequent legal status, your duties, the required skills and qualifications, and your new role).
  5. Consider applying for international jobs on your own. We encourage you to contact our employment partners if you secure employment in the countries listed above. If the job offer is valid, they might be able to support you with visa application and relocation. 
  6. Prior to moving internationally for work, make sure to understand the specific visa requirements of the country you are relocating to both for you and for any family members who may accompany you. 

Things to be aware of

  1. Beware of scammers who might ask you for payment to help you find a job or relocate abroad. They may try to contact you in person, via social media or using other means to make fraudulent offers.
    Find out more about how you can report such scams at Reporting fraud, misconduct or sexual abuse – UNHCR Frequently asked questions
  2. Keep in mind that our partners’ services are always free of charge. The only payments you should be considering are related to pre-departure costs only after you have been offered an international role (ex. vaccinations, health and police checks etc.).

Success stories:

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