Where can I find information if I can't find my country of interest on help.unhcr.org?

Please browse through this Frequently asked questions section to find common questions and answers. If you can’t find your country of interest on help.unhcr.org, you can use this directory to find contact details of your nearest UNHCR office here.

What or who is UNHCR?

UNHCR is part of the United Nations and works to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees, including asylum-seekers, and to find durable solutions for them in cooperation with States. UNHCR also works to prevent and reduce statelessness, as well as to protect the rights of stateless people. In some countries, UNHCR may also be involved in the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons.

Who are UNHCR's persons of concern?

All persons for whom UNHCR is mandated to help. UNHCR is helping millions of people who fled their homes in search of safety, or who are stateless or at risk of becoming stateless. All these make up UNHCR’s persons of concern. They include refugees and asylum-seekers, refugees returning home (‘returnees’), the internally displaced and stateless people.

Are UNHCR services free of charge? Do I need to pay for UNHCR services?

All UNHCR services and activities are always free of charge. At no point will you be asked to pay for any of the services provided by UNHCR or any of its partners. Please be cautious of fraudulent behaviour and do not believe anyone who tells you that they can help you with registration, resettlement etc. if you pay.

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