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➡️ Protection Audiences

The protection audiences are an opportunity for refugees and asylum seekers to express themselves, receive advice and guidance or any other necessary assistance.

 To make the appointment, it is necessary to come to Green Village Foundation the Social Orientation Office (BOS) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9:00 and 17:00.

Social Orientation Office (BOS)

  • Address: Villa 7B BP 16917 Dakar, Point E (in front of the Olympic swimming pool)
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8h to 17h; Friday from 8h to 14h.
  • Tel: 📞 +221 33 825 63 66.

➡️ Contac UNHCR by phone 📞

Refugees and asylum seekers can call UNHCR Multi-Country Office (MCO) on 📞+221774508106 (calls and WhatsApp) every Tuesday from 9 am to 4 pm. UNHCR will respond to requests or questions received by message and call.

➡️ Contact UNHCR by email

UNHCR can be reached at [email protected] confidentiality
The e-mail box is opened every working day from Monday to Friday. Answers to the various questions are systematically sent.  Possible actions are taken according to the needs presented.

➡️ Suggestion Box :

Anyone (refugees, asylum seekers, community members and others) who wishes to contact UNHCR can submit a written message to the UNHCR suggestion box. All messages are treated confidentially. The box is placed on the street in front of the UNHCR MCO office in Mermoz: 

  • Please use paper to write your letter
  • The message can be written in any language
  • The message and complaint can be anonymous
  • Don’t forget to write the date on your message
  • If you voluntarily leave us in your message your name and a way to contact you (phone or address), it will help us to follow up on your comment. 

A protection associate opens the box every two weeks in the presence of a Protection Manager.

All suggestions are duly registered in the electronic system as communications.  UNHCR does its best to address issues reported in accordance with its mandate and existing law/policy in Senegal.

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