Rights and duties of refugees and asylum seekers

Refugees and asylum-seekers are subject to the same rights and obligations in Senegal.

➡️ Rights of Refugees and asylum seekers:

  • Right to asylum: the right of any person suffering persecution and fleeing his or her country to seek and enjoy asylum in another country in lieu of failing national protection.
  • Non-Refoulement: It is the prohibition to return a person to a country where he/she faces threats to his/her life or freedom;
  • Non-Discrimination: This principle is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states (Art. 1) that all men are born free and equal in rights. This principle is also applied in the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (Art. 3).
  • No penalty for irregular entry: The refugee must not be penalized for being an irregular entry or stay (Art. 31).
  • Right to documents: Protection begins with the issuance of documents to the refugee to demonstrate his or her refugee status, to attest to the protection afforded to him or her as a refugee, and to enable him or her to exercise and enjoy the rights attached to the refugee status.

➡️ Duties of refugees and asylum seekers:

Refugees and asylum seekers are obliged to comply with laws and regulations and measures taken to maintain public order in Senegal.

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