Applying for asylum in Senegal

Who can apply for asylum in Senegal?

Any person of foreign origin who is on Senegalese territory and meets the following conditions may apply for asylum:

  • Fear persecution because of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion in your country of origin or habitual residence,


  • Being forced to leave your country of origin or residence due to foreign aggression, occupation, foreign domination, or events seriously disturbing public order in part or all of your country of origin or residence. Not being able to claim protection from your country of origin or habitual residence.

Where to file the application for asylum?

The application for asylum is made to the National Eligibility Commission (NEC) at the following address:

    • Tel: 📞 +221 33 823 79 16

  • Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday from 8h to 17h ; Fridays 8h to 14h

How to apply for asylum in Senegal?

To file an asylum application, please follow the procedure described below:

  1. Complete and sign the form available at the National Eligibility Commission (NEC) in Dakar.
  2. Write an individual asylum application. Sign it and send it to the President of the NEC (except for minors under 14 years old unless they have a civilly responsible guardian).
  3. Submit your application, including your form, your individual application and four (4) passport photos, to the NEC Secretariat.
  4. After submitting your form, you will recieve a receipt valid for up to 6 months (this is renewable). The commission will take up to 4 months to decide the case. This receipt allows you to move freely in Senegal while waiting for the NEC’s decision on your refugee status.
  5. Come to your appointment for your first interview with the NEC administrator. This appointment was scheduled when you submitted your application.
  6. A second interview will be scheduled for you with a police inspector from the Ministry of the Interior, located at the Cité de la Police (located at, Avenue Malick Sy -BP 4002, Dakar).

What happens after the asylum application is filed?

➡️If your application meets the criteria for refugee status: The National Eligibility Commission (NEC) will send a favourable opinion or a draft decree to the President of the Republic of Senegal.

While you are waiting for the confirmation of the President’s decision and the issuance of a refugee identity card equivalent to a residence permit in Senegal, the National Eligibility Commission (NEC) will give you a certificate which you can use as your main identity document.

➡️ If your application is rejected in the first instance: You will receive a written rejection letter from the NEC. You have the right to appeal to the NEC within 30 days of the written letter informing you of your rejection.

If your appeal is accepted, your file will be returned to the NEC for a new evaluation.

If your appeal is rejected, you can appeal to the President of the Republic. You can show the letter to the NEC. The NEC’s Secretariat will issue you a document valid for two months mentioning that the asylum seeker is waiting for the answer from the President of the Republic.

➡️ If your appeal case is rejected (if the commission repeats its unfavourable opinion of the first instance), then your refugee case is finished.

Under exceptional circumstances, you may resort to the Executive branch to exercise the humanitarian Option:  you may appeal to the President of Senegal to stay on humanitarian grounds.

⚠️ ATTENTION! If your appeal is rejected, you are not a recognized refugee. You must regularize your residence with the immigration services to stay in Senegal.

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