Assistance to refugees and asylum seekers

Attention! All assistance provided by UNHCR and its partner Green Village Foundation (GVF) in Senegal is free of charge, with no exceptions. If you witness any abuse by anyone affiliated with GVF, please report to the anti-fraud focal point at UNHCR 📞+221 774508106 (WhatsApp calls and SMS available).

To access the assistance system, each individual must be registered in a database requiring fingerprinting and iris scans for those over the age of five years.

Types of assistance available:

  • Legal assistance
  • Information for asylum seekers on the asylum application procedure at the NEC
  • Information on the registration of children born in Senegal,
  • Information on obtaining refugee and asylum documentation,
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Means of subsistence. However, subsistence assistance is generally not granted for 2023 due to the limited assistance program resources.   

Only the most vulnerable people and those with special needs are given priority for assistance. The joint Assistance Committee between GVF, UNHCR and other humanitarian partners is responsible for reviewing shelter and livelihood assistance applications before they are approved.

All asylum seekers and refugees who wish to receive support or assistance are requested to contact UNHCR’s partner in Senegal, Green Village Foundation (GVF) at the following address:

Social Orientation Office (BOS)

  • Address: Villa 7B BP 16917 Dakar, Point E (in front of the Olympic swimming pool)
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8h to 17h; Fridays from 8h to 14h.
  • Tel : 📞 +221 33 825 63 66.

Where appropriate, livelihood and housing assistance is provided to:

  • A refugee recognized by Senegal and who has been in the country for less than 5 years
  • A refugee who is unable to work
  • An asylum seeker awaiting a decision from the Government of Senegal
  • Elderly persons in a difficult situation
  • Children, adolescents, women and girls in difficult situations
  • A person with poor health or a disability
  • Person in need of legal and/or physical protection

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