Jobsplus, Malta’s Public Employment Service runs the following programmes for asylum seekers and beneficiaries of protection who seek job opportunities:

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Beneficiaries of international protection can benefit from services offered by Jobsplus to help them integrate into the labour market. Services offered include:

  • Guidance on employment opportunities and job matching;
  • CV writing and mock interviews;
  • Job Brokerage Office (JBO) to facilitate short-term job placements;
  • Mainstream free of charge training courses in various areas to further enhance the employability skills;
  • Trade testing to assess individuals who have acquired knowledge, skills and competence but do not possess a formal qualification.

An employment licence (also known as a work permit) is necessary for working in Malta. 

  • Application fees
    • New application fee: Payable on issue € 58 
    • Renewal fee: Payable on issue € 34 
  • Compliance with social security, income tax and employment conditions regulations must always be ensured. 
  • Any worker in Malta has the right to join a trade union. 
  • The Employment and Industrial Relations Act applies to all foreign nationals engaged in employment in Malta.  
  • Employers should not engage foreign nationals on conditions of work, (i.e. wages/salaries, hours of work etc) which are less favourable than those established for work of the same character or nature by national laws and regulations.  
  • Any employee who believes that their rights have been violated may seek recourse at the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations, which is located at Melita Street, Valletta.

Employment information for Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers have the right to access the labour market:

  • Asylum seekers cannot have an employment licence (work permit) in their own name but must find an employer willing to apply for an employment licence for them to perform a specific job, although self-employment is also possible. A new employment licence must be applied for whenever there is a change in job and/or employer.
  • Employment licences are valid for up to 6 months.
  • In practice, asylum seekers can access the labour market immediately after lodging their asylum application if they find an employer willing to apply for their employment licence. However, asylum seekers from safe countries of origin can apply for a work permit only 9 months after lodging their application for international protection. You may find the application form here.
  • You can find more information regarding your access to the labour market as an asylum seeker here.

Employment information for Beneficiaries of international protection

For beneficiaries of international protection (refugee status and subsidiary protection), the employment licence is issued in the person’s own name (i.e. one does not have to rely on an employer to apply for their work permit) by Jobsplus.

  • Employment licences are generally issued for a duration of one year, or up to the validity of the residence card issued by Identità (if requested by the applicant).
  • There are no restrictions on the type of work undertaken.
  • When starting employment, the employer shall inform Jobsplus of such employment by sending an Engagement Form containing the actual date of commencement of employment. When employment is terminated or when an employee’s employment status is changed, the employer shall inform Jobsplus by sending a Declaration of Termination of Employment form.
  • An employment licence to work as self-employed is required.

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