According to the Maltese Citizenship Act, a person who has resided in Malta for at least five years may apply for citizenship by naturalisation. Use this form made available by the Government to apply and understand the process on this Government’s website.

  • Applicants for citizenship: 
    • must have an adequate knowledge of the Maltese or the English language;  
    • must be of good character; and  
    • would be a suitable citizen of Malta. 
  • Decisions on citizenship applications are taken by the Minister responsible for citizenship. The Minister is not required to assign any reason for the grant or refusal of any application. The decision of the Minister is not subject to appeal or review in any court.  
  • Children born in Malta are granted Maltese citizenship only if born to at least one Maltese parent.  

For more information concerning the procedure, please see this Government’s website.

It is preferable to consult with a lawyer prior to the application. For information regarding the available legal aid actors in Malta, please visit our Legal Aid section.

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