Registration with UNHCR

All refugees and asylum-seekers in Iraq must register with UNHCR and obtain a UNHCR Certificate. A valid UNHCR certificate confirms that you need international protection and assistance as a refugee or asylum-seeker. Asylum-seekers who do not have a valid UNHCR certificate are subject to immigration laws in Iraq, and they may be at risk of deportation. Non-holders of a valid UNHCR Certificate also risk the loss of assistance and protection services provided by UNHCR and other humanitarian actors.

It is very important that you provide full and correct, information, to the best of your knowledge, during registration with UNHCR. If you have entered an alternate identity or have any information to disclose that you are scared might negatively impact your case with UNHCR, please note that all information shared with UNHCR is confidential. It will only be shared as needed and will not be shared without your permission. You will be asked to sign a document to confirm the truth of your statements and provide a telephone number or address at which you can be contacted. Therefore, please contact UNHCR in case you change to record your new phone number and/or address.

Please beware of individuals claiming false affiliation to UNHCR and/or its partners including outside the UNHCR Office or on various social media platforms. Do not trust anyone who claims to provide services on behalf of UNHCR including resettlement and complementary pathways in exchange for money or favors.

How to register yourself and your family members as asylum-seekers: ⬇

UNHCR has developed the KOBO Registration scheduling form to enable Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Iraq to request Registration related appointments in simple steps. You can access the UNHCR registration scheduling form via this link

Below are the different types of appointments you can schedule using the form:

  • New Registration (Issuance of UNHCR Registration certificate for the first time).
  • Add-on (Add new family member to UNHCR certificate /add newborn baby to UNHCR certificate).
  • Renewal of expired UNHCR certificate.
  • Change the family composition (Remove family member from UNHCR form, marriage, divorce).
  • Change Biodata on UNHCR certificate (Name, focal point, date of birth, etc.)
  • Replacement of lost UNHCR certificate.
  • Change the current address (Governorate).
  • Report on Registration related fraud (Certificate, scheduling, etc.).
  • Renew UNHCR certificate due to recent departure and re-entry to Iraq.



What happens after filling the form?⬇

  • UNHCR aims to address all requests within 15 days of submission however sometimes, on exceptional basis, we are delayed due to the high number of requests. Please be patient, UNHCR registration teams will call you on the earliest possible.
  • UNHCR will call you through 0774 440 4440 or 0751 140 4440 . DO NOT call back.
  • On the date and time of the registration appointment, make sure that you come to the UNHCR registration center with all family members who are registered or will be recorded on UNHCR certificate and bring all the identification documents you and your family members.

It is important that you Keep your phone number active and reachable always to enable UNHCR to contact you through phone calls and messages on important information and services. If the number you shared with UNHCR is no longer in service, please make sure that you update your new phone number through the Registration Scheduling form (you don’t need to approach UNHCR registration centers).

All services provided by UNHCR, and Partners are free of charge! ⬇

Be aware of impostor calls targeting refugees and asylum seekers. Calls to schedule registration and resettlement interviews with you will be made on 0774 440 4440 or 0751 140 4440. You cannot call this number. DO NOT PAY! All services provided by UNHCR, and Partners are free of charge! If you have witnessed fraud or corruption, or if you have been asked for money or anything else in exchange for UNHCR services, please report to: [email protected] or UNHCR Inspector General’s Office: