16 days of activism 2022 key messages

From 25 November to 10 December 2022

#UNiTE To End Violence Against Women and Girls; the campaign’s multi-year program activities aim at Ending Femicide.

Orange the world: # UNiTEd we stand in mobilizing our resources and efforts to addressing GBV in Iraq

  1. A world free of violence is possible and the time to change is NOW.
  2. Women and girls have the right to protection from violence.
  3. Treat women and girls in your families with the same respect you would want people to show you.
  4. Say no to all forms of violence including physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or economic violence.
  5. Be supportive: keep yourself, your family, and your community protected from violence – sexist jokes, insults, or other types of harm have no place in society.
  6. Pause and reconsider before blaming or shaming survivors of gender-based violence.
  7. No excuses for violence against women and girls – violence CANNOT be justified. 
  8. Persons with disabilities have the right to protection from all types of violence and equal access to services.
  9. Psychological violence and economic violence are real. Even if the effects are hard to see – the negative impact hurts individuals and our community.
  10. Forced marriage is a form of violence and it is not acceptable
  11. Forced marriage and child marriage violates the right to marriage with full freedom of choice and the right to education.
  12. There is no honor in “Honor” killing, it is inhumane and cruel, it violates the rights of women and girls to life, security, and freedom from torture.
  13. Domestic violence affects our society, not only women and girls.
  14. Do not feel ashamed to seek support if you have faced or are at risk of violence.
  15. If you or someone in your family are feeling threatened or in danger, if you are    physically, psychologically, economically, sexually harmed, you have the right to receive immediate help and support
  16. Call 119 hotline for KRI and 139 in Federal Iraq to receive support.
  17. There is support available including health support, psycho-social support, and legal assistance. You have the right to understand the resources available to you and can choose what steps you want to take.
  18. Remember that all information you provide will be confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.
  19. If you or someone you know is facing difficulties and are at risk of violence because of a physical or mental disability or an injury, help is available.