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UNHCR has developed the KOBO Registration scheduling form to enable Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Iraq to request Registration related appointments in simple steps. You can access the UNHCR registration scheduling form via this link https://enketo.unhcr.org/x/CfLDELSa click here for more information on the different types of appointments you can schedule using the form.

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Welcome to the ‘HELP’ website run by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. On this site, refugees and asylum-seekers in Iraq can find information about:

Information on this website is general and may not be applicable to your personal situation. For further information and assistance with specific issues, contact UNHCR or partner NGOs.

The page will be continually updated.


As of December 15th, 2022, the IIC number 80069999 will be discontinued. We encourage you to use the complaint boxes available at refugee camps, and UNHCR Community Support Centres (CSCs) if you wish to share your feedback about service providers in a confidential manner.  

UNHCR registration teams are proactively contacting refugees and asylum seekers whose certificates have expired to undertake a verification, update their data (if necessary), and renew their certificates. UNHCR will contact you when you are eligible for renewal. Please be aware that it might not fall on the same day as your certificate’s expiration. UNHCR is aware that some refugees and asylum-seekers have expired certificates and these families and individuals will be prioritized for registration appointments. It is important that you keep UNHCR informed when you change your phone number by visiting the registration center in your location.  For registration and sharing general updates, please notify UNHCR registration centers or get an appointment through the numbers below. The numbers below are meant for appointments related to registration and are not meant for requests for assistance.   


Urban residents: call 07725260651 or 07738812525 to get an appointment for your registration.   

Camp residents: you need to get Asayish clearance in the camp and camp management approval then approach registration center.  

Baghdad: approach the CSC to get an appointment for your registration.   

Mosul: Call 0783 576 84 60 to get an appointment for your registration.   

Kirkuk: Call 0780 195 8875 or 0780 917 4169 to get an appointment for your registration.   


Duhok: pre-registration clearances are required. For more information on how to register and updating your biodata, approach one of the centres listed below:  

  • Domiz 1 Registration Center at Domiz 1 Camp 
  • Gawilan Registration Center at Gawilan Camp 
  • Bardarash Registration Center at Bardarash Transit Facility  
  • Akre Registration Center at Akre Camp.  
  • Refugees and asylum seekers living in areas that are far from the registration centres may visit registration outreach exercise when it is operational in your area.

    Be aware of imposter calls targeting refugees and asylum seekers. Calls to schedule registration and resettlement interviews with you will be made on 0774 440 4440. You cannot call this number. DO NOT PAY!  All services provided by UNHCR, and Partners are free of charge! If you have witnessed fraud or corruption, or if you have been asked for money or anything else in exchange for UNHCR services, please report to: [email protected] or UNHCR Inspector General’s Office: [email protected], +41227398844 www.unhcr.org/php/complaints.php

The World Food Programme (WFP) provides food assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees with the greatest needs and who reside in a refugee camp. Have you heard about WFP’s chatbot? It’s available online! Find @IraqAskMebot on Telegram; Telegram: Contact @IraqAskMeBot for more information about WFP’s projects, assistance and protection.