Education Opportunities

What are Education Pathways?

Education pathways are higher education opportunities through which refugees are admitted to a third country, i.e., a country other than their country of origin and the first country in which they have sought protection. Access to these opportunities is based on refugees’ education and language skills as opposed to their protection needs. Education opportunities offered through such pathways should allow for a long-term solution through a regular migration system or asylum system in the new country instead of short-term study and scholarship programs.

Accredited higher education and scholarship opportunities worldwide, verified by UNHCR, are listed on UNHCR’s Scholarship Opportunities for Refugees platform.

UNIV´R Program

Education Opportunity for Refugees graduates or graduating by June 2023

The UNIV’R – University for Refugees program is launching its second edition and is calling for applications from refugees residing in a first country of asylum who wish to study for a two-year master’s degree in a higher education institution in metropolitan France. The program offers future beneficiaries facilitated access to the university system and administrative, social, and financial support (study and subsistence grants for the duration of the master’s).

Eligibility Criteria

  • A recognized refugee
  • Currently residing in the first country of asylum
  • Holder of a bachelor’s degree or expected to graduate this year (not later than June 2023)
  • Fluent in French (minimum B2 level) for masters in French


  • Fluent in English (minimum B2 level) AND have few notions in French, for masters in English

Incentives/ Covered Expenses

  • Tuition
  • Visa fees
  • Subsistence allowance to cover all costs (rent, food, health insurance, transportation)
  • Plane ticket

Deadline: The deadline for application is 9 April 2023.

* The living allowance coverage is subject to the times that the universities can ensure in accordance with their fundraising activities. *

Disclaimer: UNHCR is neither responsible for nor involved in the selection of those refugees nor in facilitating the exit of accepted refugees.

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Hilde Domin Programme

The German Academic Service (DAAD) administers the scolarships programme “Hilde Domin Programme” with funds from the Federal Foreign Office.

The programme serves to support students and doctoral candidates from across the globe, who are at risk of being formally or de facto denied educational candidates with an opportunity to begin or complete a study research degree at a higher education institution in Germany.

Students and doctoral candidates nominated and accepted under the program will receive a scholarship for a degree course of personal choice and according to individual qualifications.

Eligibility Criteria:

  •  Students in the field of human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and law cannot apply for nomination.
  •  German and English are a must. (To find out more please see the links shared in on UNHCR Iran official Instagram)

Benefits: Expenses would include living allowance/ expenses and those related to the cost of the study program/ (Scholars taking a master’s programme typically receive € 934, doctoral candidates and postdocs € 1,200. In many cases, DAAD also provides you with health, accident and personal liability insurance.) 

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