Health care

If you are fleeing from Ukraine as a result of the war, the content on this page does not apply to you. Please refer to the below pages for more information:
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Information for parents and families on enrollment in kindergarten and school for the academic year 2022/2023

If you have refugee or subsidiary protection status in Hungary

In the first 6 months after receiving the refugee or subsidiary protection status

You are entitled to free health services for six months after you receive your final status. Free health services include medical screenings and examinations, medical treatment provided under general medicine and specialized care in cases of emergency. The social workers of the asylum facility where you are staying usually arrange a health card (TAJ kártya in Hungarian) for you, but the card might not be ready by the time you have to leave the camp. You will receive an A4 sized document called “Hatósági Bizonyítvány” (in Hungarian). With this paper you will be able to get the card itself when you move to Budapest or other cities. In case the social workers of the facility do not arrange for the health card, you need to do it for yourself at the local government’s office (where your permanent address is registered). You can find a list of local government offices at this site in Hungarian. Please note that you need to make an appointment at these offices.

In case you need assistance, you can contact Menedék Association at their site in English.

After the first 6 months are over

After the initial 6-months period is over, you can receive insurance (covering all medical costs) through employment, or by paying for yourself monthly, or in case you cannot pay it, based on ‘being socially in need’. This will be available to you if your monthly income does not go above a certain amount, as follows:

  • for families: the monthly income per person is not exceeding 34,200 HUF (around 94 EUR)
  • for single persons: the monthly income is not exceeding 42,750 HUF (around 118 EUR)
  • and you and your family do not have any possessions.

Social workers of Menedék Association can assist you in requesting this. You may contact them at their site in English.

If you have an employment contract, your employer must pay the required contribution for social insurance. Employers have the obligation to request a Social Security Number for refugees. You should make sure that your employer registers you with the tax authorities, but you have no other task regarding this.

If you are not socially in need, and you are not employed legally, you will be required to pay a monthly health contribution of 8000 HUF (around 22 EUR). To do so, you will need to have a continuously registered permanent address for at least one year.

Health insurance system

General Practitioners / Doctors

Each district / town / village has its own general practitioner (doctor). Please consult this site to find your local doctor (in Hungarian).

Specialist care

If you have a referral from a general practitioner, please talk to him/her directly about recommendations regarding which specialist to see, and you can also find information about the available specialist care in Hungarian on this site.

For English information about national health care service in Hungary, please check this site.

Hospital care

There is an overview of the hospitals in Budapest according to their district and location in Hungarian on this site.

In-patient care

For more info about in-patient care in Hungarian, please access this site (in Hungarian).