Education and training

Refugee and asylum-seeking children, and children who are beneficiaries of subsidiary protection have the right to go to kindergarten (from the age of 3) and to primary school, like all Hungarian children. In fact, kindergarten and primary education is compulsory until the age of 16 in Hungary. Kindergartens and primary schools in the district where the child lives are obliged to offer access to their institutions, unless they do not have the capacity to do so. In these cases, the child should have access to a neighboring school. Teaching in public schools is in Hungarian.

If you have refugee or subsidiary protection status, education opportunities and vocational training for adults are offered under the same conditions as to Hungarian citizens. However, some level of knowledge of the Hungarian language and passing entrance exams in Hungarian might be a precondition.

If you want to start or continue your education while you are in Hungary, please check the following institutions that offer programmes:

Courses for adults (to finish the 8 grades of primary school, or secondary school:

  • Than Károly Ökoiskola (admission to the class is based on the result of the test of Hungarian as foreign language), site in Hungarian.
  • Kalyi Jag Roma ethnic primary school, secondary school, vocational centre, basic art school and adult learning centre (some level of Hungarian knowledge is a precondition), site in Hungarian.
  • Wesley János kindergarten, primary school, vocational and high school, site in Hungarian.

Special learning opportunities for children:

  • Menedék Mentoring Program, at this site in English.
  • Next Step also offers various classes and learning activities for children. For more information, contact them at this site in English.

Universities and higher education:

  • General information in Hungarian about entry to universities and the education they offer at this site or if you call: (+361) 477-31-31 (in Hungarian).
  • CEU OLIve program: This learning initiative is offered by the Central European University for refugees and asylum-seekers. Students do not receive a degree after completing this program. For more information, please visit this site (English).

For more information and assistance on access to education for children and adults, please turn to:

Other training and capacity-building opportunities:  

  • You can find integration courses in Hungarian and English at Menedék at their site in English; 
  • Computer literacy courses, driving licence courses (in Hungarian), media literacy course at Next Step, at their site in English; 
  • Integration courses at Artemisszió Foundation, you can email them at [email protected]