About UNHCR in France

What is UNHCR’s role in France?

In France, the national authorities are responsible for processing applications for international protection and deciding whether a person is in need of protection and can receive a residence permit in France.

Therefore, UNHCR in France:

  • does not receive or process applications for international protection,
  • does not receive or process resettlement requests (in France or in other countries),
  • does not process requests for voluntary return,
  • does not provide accommodation, social or financial support,
  • does not issue refugee documents (including civil or travel documents).

On the other pages of this help page, you can find the competent authority/organization that can help you with the above queries.

The main activities of UNHCR in France are :

Advise institutions and NGOs on the protection of refugees :

  • Advise international protection institutions and relevant stakeholders (lawyers, social workers, NGOs, etc.) on refugee law and legislative processes related to international protection and statelessness – in order to ensure that they are in consistence with international legal standards;
  • Work with national institutions and civil society to build their capacity in matters of asylum;
  • Monitor access to rights and reception conditions for asylum seekers;
  • Raise awareness among stakeholders, national institutions and civil society on the rights and obligations of refugees;
  • In exceptional cases, intervene in judicial proceedings which set a precedent for the international protection of refugees;
  • Advise authorities and NGOs on ways to help refugees who have been granted international protection so as to facilitate their integration in France.

Finding solutions for refugees globally :

  • Advocate for global measures so that the persons concerned can effectively benefit from the rights guaranteed by international, regional and national frameworks;
  • Develop a university corridor program called UNIV’R, to allow refugees residing in a first country of asylum to continue their master’s studies in France (university corridor opportunities are listed here: https://services.unhcr.org/opportunities/).

Informer et encourager la participation des réfugiés :

  • Inform refugees, applicants for international protection and stateless persons of their rights and obligations;
  • Encourage initiatives and projects for the participation of refugees in the decision-making that affect them.

Partnerships with the private sector :

  • Develop partnerships with the private sector for the professional inclusion and integration of refugees in France.
  • Engage with businesses, foundations and philanthropists interested in contributing to innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by refugees globally.

Public awareness and mobilization :

  • Organize events and initiatives with various partners, cultural, political, sports and other private sector organizations to create a favorable environment for the reception and integration of refugees.
  • Share the right information on the situation of forced displacement globally and solutions for refugees, by communicating reliable and verified data and inspiring stories on refugees via its website unhcr.org and via social media: Facebook, Twitter (@UNHCRFrance), Instagram and Tiktok.
  • Share the right information and interact with the media.
  • Raise awareness among young people and enable meetings with refugees as part of the “Inter’Act” program in middle schools and with high school students.

For more information on our activities, please visit our website at the following address: https://www.unhcr.org/fr-fr/