Emergency & Helplines

In case of EMERGENCY, call:

  • For emergency calls dial 112.
  • To call the Police dial 112.
  • To call the Medical Emergency services dial 112.
  • To call the Family Doctor hotline dial 1220.
  • To call the Fire Department dial 112.
  • For general information matters dial 1247.

Helpline services

  • If you are having acute thoughts of taking your life or if you know anyone who does, contact 112 for urgent assistance.
  • For emotional and pastoral care for fear of death, grief, anxiety or suicidal thoughts, contact Hingehoiu telefon dialing 116 123 (open 24/7).
  • For emotional support if you are feeling mentally unwell, contact Eluliin dialing 655 8088 (Estonian, 6am-6pm) or 655 5688 (Russian, 6am-6pm).
  • If you are under 18 years old or know someone who is and needs help or advice, contact Lasteabi dialing 116 111 (open 24/7) or contact them on their online chat (open 24/7).
  • If you have suffered or are suffering physical, mental, economic or sexual violence, contact Ohvriabi dialing 116 006 (open 24/7) or contact them on their online chat (open 24/7).

If your question concerns the content of  HELP Estonia, you can contact us.

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