How does UNHCR work in the Dominican Republic?

UNHCR’s team coordinates the protection actions for refugees, asylum seekers, and persons pending a nationality solution. This includes coordination with relevant State actors, non-government entities, civil society and community-based organizations, as well as advocacy to guarantee enforcement of rights of the persons we serve.

In terms of refugee and asylum, UNHCR provides technical support to the National Comission for Refugees (CONARE) in the procedure for recognition of refugee status and works on the communication of the procedures for the application for refugee status

Areas of Work

  • Protection and legal orientation
  • Assistance and Livelihoods Access Program Coordination
  • Community Mobilization and Empowerment
  • Capacity-building for local actors
  • Peaceful coexistence and integration
  • Emergency Preparedness and Humanitarian Response

Assistance Programs

UNHCR, through the support and management of implementing partners, provides the following types of assistance to the persons we serve:

  • Humanitarian Assistance (Basic Needs, Food, Core Relief Items)
  • Support for rent and emergency shelter
  • Cash-based Assistance
  • Legal
  • Psychosocial support
  • Health
  • Support for funeral services

All assistance is provided based on UNHCR and partner capacity and availability and may be subject to change upon circumstances.

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