You can move around in the Dominican Republic using these transportation methods:

Santo Domingo Metro

The Santo Domingo Metro has two lines, the majority of them used by people from the community to go to their workplace, or other activities. Line 1 extends from north to south through Máximo Gómez Avenue, from the área of Villa Mella to Centro de los Héroes, where you can find Congress, the Supreme Court of Justice, and the General Directorate of Migration. Line 2 goes east to west throgh John F. Kennedy Avenue. A one-way ticket costs RD$15.00 Dominican Pesos, plus RD$40.00 round-trip or RD$80.00 for a day pass. This operates daily from 6:00AM in the morning to 10:30PM at night.  


Taxis are easily found in the city or in the country, generally outside the main Metro or bus stations, or in public spots. In the cities, you can directly call taxi services. When you call, ask the operator to confirm the color of the vehicle, unit number, and estimated wait time. Also confirm the fare price before your trip.

Santo DomingoApolo Taxi (809-537-0000)
Aero Taxi (809-788-0000)
Taxi Popular (809-599-8888)
SantiagoEmiTaxi (809-581-3000)
Monumental (809-581-0002)
Ermita Taxi (809-736-8484)
Punta CanaBavaro Punta Cana (829-641-1139)
Beron Taxi (809-466-1133)
Bavaro Punta Cana (809-552-0617)
Puerto PlataTaxi Junior Puerto Plata (809-868-0432)
VIP POP (809-586-3330)
Puerto Plata City Taxi (829-765-6963)


UBER is in the Dominican Republic since 2015 and now operates in three larger cities: Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata. You can access through the app on your mobile phone.


You can move around locally using buses that connect main cities around the country. Prices range between RD$200.00 y RD$500.00 for a one-way ticket. Make sure to arrive at leas tan hour before departure time to ensure a seat.

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