Who is an Asylum Seeker?

An asylum seeker is a person who has expressed to the dominican authorities their fear of return to their country of origin, but whose request status hasn’t been decided by the Dominican State.

What are the rights of asylum seekers?

  • Protection from forced return (non-refoulment) to the country of origin until a decisión is finalized regarding their case
  • Receiving clear, free, and prompt information on the procedures on how to request asylum
  • Freedom of movement and to not be detained (Article 134 of the Migration Law 284-04)
  • Present to the National Refugee Comission (CONARE) all pertinent proof to support the request
  • Appeal the decision of CONARE if the request is denied
  • Right to an interpreter in your language or one you can understand

What are the obligations of asylum seekers?

  • Provide all identification informatio, say the truth and not conceal relevant information
  • Provide and facilitate clarfication of the events and personal reasons for your application
  • Respond to all questions pose and provide documental information to support arguments
  • Justify adequately the reasons for an illegal entry, if applies
  • Notify any change in family composition (birth, marriage, divorce, etc.)
  • Not engage in activities prohibited for foreigners and abstain from leaving the Dominican Republic
  • Inform their place of residency and notify the Oficina Nacional de Refugiados/National Refugee Office (ONR) within two (2) days of any changes.

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