Coronavirus situation in Austria

ÖIF Corona-Infos Hotline
01 715 10 51
Information and advice in many different languages

Multi-lingual Info-Service for Vienna

Migrare: Legal/social/labour market advice
0676 / 846954 809 (English)
0676 / 846954 823 (Arabic)
0676 / 846954 810 (Dari and Pashto)
0676 / 846954 714 (Russian)

Corona-Hotline for persons receiving basic welfare support in Vienna
01 376 21 14
Telephone consultation on current topics of the Corona crisis (with interpreters)
English | Arabic | Farsi

Violence against women and domestic violence (in Austria)

0800 222 555
Consultation in Arabic, Turkish, Romanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, German, English, Hungarian

Halt der Gewalt
Online consultation for women and girls, who are affected by violence, in German, English, Farsi/Dari, Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish 

01 6032828
Consultation for men, Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00
„Survival Kit for men under pressure“ in English | Russian

Violence against women and domestic violence (in Vienna)

Diakonie Frauenberatung Wien
0664 886 328 53
Website with information in Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Somali, English

24-Stunden Frauennotruf
01 71 71 9
Consultation in German, English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, French, Spanish, Polish

Wiener Frauenhäuser
05 77 22
Website with information in English, Turkish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, French, Russian

Wiener Interventionsstelle gegen Gewalt in der Familie
01 585 32 88
Consultation in Farsi, Kurdish, Russian, English (Interpretation support can be provided for other languages)

Violence against women and domestic violence (Styria)

Frauenservice – Online support for women

Netzwerk steirische Frauen und Mädchenberatung, consultation in Farsi

In case of distress and anxiety

AMIKE helpline from Diakonia –  intercultural psychosocial helpline

Psychological support regarding isolation und quarantine
English | Arabic | Dari/Farsi | Somali | Russian | Leichte Sprache

Institute for women’s and men’s health info phone

ZEBRA-Sorgenhotline with interpreter in 20 different languages (in Styria)
0800 799 702
Information in English| Arabic|Dari/Farsi | Russian

OMEGA Krisentelefon (in Styria)
0316 77 35 5414
Consultation in different languages (Farsi/Dari every Tuesday and Thursday, Pashto every Thursday), 09:00-15:00

Sorgentelefon der Krisenhilfe (Upper Austria)
0732 2177
Telephone consultation for concerns in the corona crisis, available around the clock
ArabicDari/Farsi | Pashto | Chechen

For information about psychotherapy

NIPE Network – Network for Intercultural Psychotherapy after Extreme Trauma
Contact points for crisis intervention and ongoing treatments in all of Austria (with interpreters)