Situation in Afghanistan

Can UNHCR help me or my relatives leave Afghanistan?

UNHCR is unable to assist Afghans in Afghanistan to leave the country.

Please see UNHCR’s HELP page for Afghanistan. On this page, UNHCR provides links to evacuation programs that have been announced for Afghans by states.

I have heard of evacuation missions set up by the Australian Government. Can UNHCR help me get evacuated?

UNHCR does not play any role in these evacuation missions and does not process requests. Individuals with ties to foreign governments, embassies, military, NGOs are advised to consult with those foreign entities to understand any opportunities for departure from inside or outside Afghanistan. 

What is the Australian Government’s response to the Afghanistan situation?

For those seeking information on Australia’s response, please see the Department of Home Affairs website ‘Afghanistan Update‘.

Can UNHCR help me obtain a visa to come to Australia?

Whilst UNHCR exercises a supervisory role over the implementation of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol in Australia we are not able to assist with individual visa applications. You do not need to be registered with or referred by UNHCR in order to apply for a refugee or humanitarian visa. These visas are processed and granted by the government of Australia.

For information on refugee and humanitarian visa options please see the Australian Department of Home Affairs website at: Refugee and humanitarian visa options

Free legal help for those in Australia is available from Refugee Legal.

I’m in Afghanistan, can UNHCR register me as a refugee?  

UNHCR can only register Afghan citizens as refugees or asylum seekers once they are outside of Afghanistan and looking for safety in another country. If you are still in Afghanistan and are a citizen of Afghanistan, UNHCR is not able to register you.

You do not need to be registered with or referred by UNHCR in order to apply for an Australian refugee or humanitarian visa.

Can UNHCR help me establish contact with my family in Afghanistan? 

Family members who have lost contact with relatives in Afghanistan due to the current situation, can contact the Australian Red Cross Family Links Network to assist you to re-establish contact with your family members. Their hotline is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (AEST) on 1800 875 199 or via [email protected]


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