Registration and Documentation

I have previously registered with UNHCR in another country and need access to documents and information about my claim.

UNHCR in Australia cannot help to get documentation from another UNHCR office.

You should contact the office where you were registered directly.

Find contact details for UNHCR offices around the world on the UNHCR website.

I am in Australia and want to seek asylum. How do I register with UNHCR?

UNHCR is not involved in determining asylum claims in Australia. UNHCR in Australia cannot register you as an asylum-seeker.

If you are in Australia and want to seek asylum, you should contact a lawyer or registered migration agent for advice and help with preparing your claim. 

See a list of registered migration agents at the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority.

I want to get proof of my residence in the Rafha refugee camp in Saudi Arabia.

UNHCR cannot provide proof of residence in the Rafha refugee camp.

To request your documents, contact Mr Abbas Kadhmiya from the Political Prisoners’ Foundation.

[email protected]

000964 7730133325

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