حقوق وواجبات طالبي اللجوء:

لديك حقوق وواجبات معينة إذا كنت تبحث عن الحماية في الولايات المتحدة، بما في ذلك الحق في طلب اللجوء وواجب احترام القوانين والأنظمة في الولايات المتحدة.

للحصول على المعلومات بشأن العمل والعائلة والإقامة، يرجى الاطلاع على دائرة خدمات الجنسية والهجرة الأمريكية.

قد تشمل الأسئلة الشائعة المتعلقة بحقوق وواجبات طالبي اللجوء الدفاعي:

*المعلومات مأخوذة من اتحاد محامي الهجرة الأمريكية

هل يمكنني الحصول على محام؟

You have the right to a lawyer, but the government will not pay you and you will not be provided with a lawyer.

ماذا لو لم أستطع الحصول على محام؟

Even if you do not have a lawyer, you must go to your immigration court appointment or you can be ordered to deport without the opportunity to present your case. The immigration judge is required to provide you with information on how to find free or low-cost legal aid. If you’re having trouble finding help, you can ask for more time before your court date.

You can still pursue your case even if you do not have a lawyer. The immigration judge will help you understand your rights and should help you if you are presenting your case on your own.

ماذا لو لا أتكلم الإنجليزية؟

If you are unable to speak the English language, the court will provide you with a free translator.

ماذا لو احتجت المزيد من الوقت؟

If you need more time to prepare or if you ever decide that you want a lawyer to help you, ask the immigration judge more time.

كيف بإمكاني الحصول على معلومات حول تاريخ محكمة الهجرة الخاص بي؟

You must know when and where you are supposed to go to the immigration court. You can find out the status of your case at any time, day or night, on the immigration court hotline at 800-1-898-7180.

ماذا لو انتقلت الى مكان اخر؟

You must ensure that the immigration court has your correct address at all times. It is very important that the immigration court has your correct address in order to receive any notices related to your hearings or documents that the court places on your judicial file. You can update your address by submitting the EOIR-33 / IC form .

ماذا لو كنت أخشى العودة؟

If you are harmed in your country or are afraid of being sent back, you have the right to ask the immigration judge to protect. Not everyone will qualify, but if you really are afraid to return to your country, there is no harm in submitting your application. You cannot be deported until your case is fully heard.

قد تم أخباري أنني لست مؤهلاً للحصول على اللجوء:

If a lawyer or someone else tells you that you are not eligible for protection, consider obtaining another opinion. Immigration laws are complex: there are many modern changes to laws, and sometimes people make mistakes.

هل يمكنني الاستئناف؟

If the immigration judge makes a decision in your case and you do not agree with it, you have the right to appeal (objection in a higher court) the judge’s decision before the Immigration Appeal Board (BIA). If you file an appeal, you cannot be removed while your case is being reviewed.