UNHCR Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Help for refugees and asylum-seekers

UNHCR would like to point out that the information circulated on social media about UNHCR issuing visas to Canada or any other country is not valid. We recommend everyone shall take the right information from the official source, through this website.
For more information about the resettlement program, please visit the following links:
Resettlement program 

Number of fraud cases have been reported through social media, and some people claim their ability to provide assistance through UNHCR, UNHCR confirms that all procedures are free and are only done through official channels.
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  • UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, created the following Help Page for refugees and asylum seekers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). On this website, you will be able to find information about:
    1. About UNHCR in the KSA
      • Who is UNHCR?
      • Who falls under UNHCR’s mandate?
      • What are UNHCR’s activities in the KSA?
    2. Who can seek asylum?
      • What is the difference between a migrant and a refugee?
      • Who can seek/apply for asylum?
    3. Registration with UNHCR
      • What happens after you apply to UNHCR?
      • Registration process with UNHCR
      • What are your rights and duties once you are registered with UNHCR?
    4. Resettlement Program
    5. Contact us
    6. Reporting fraud, corruption and sexual exploitation
      • What is fraud?
      • How to report corruption by UNHCR or their partners?
    7. FAQs

    UNHCR has made every effort to ensure the information contained on this site is accurate. Information will continue to be updated.