Reporting fraud and corruption

What is fraud?

Fraud is any act with the objective of intentionally misleading another in order to obtain a benefit.

All UNHCR services are free of charge. Be aware that any UNHCR services offered to you in exchange for money are fraudulent. Do not trust anyone or any organization asking you to pay for the services of UNHCR or its partners including resettlement, financial assistance. If money or any other form of favors, exploitation, is requested from you, in person or via social media, including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other platforms. you should report it IMMEDIATELY to UNHCR through the mentioned contact details (Contact us).

When you report fraud to UNHCR, your identity will stay confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone.

People who tell you such lies are seeking to take advantage of your situation. Avoid them at all costs. They may show you information to persuade you that they are connected to UNHCR or can influence UNHCR’s decision. Do not believe them. Those persons are only after your money. Be alert and don’t get defrauded. Remember, UNHCR services are free of charge!

For genuine information about UNHCR work and services, please only consult our website at

You will only receive calls, SMS, emails from UNHCR staff through the following:

  • Calls from 011 418 8397 or 011 482 8835 or 00966551011095
  • Protection email: [email protected]

Note: if you receive a call or an SMS, email from a different source, this is not UNHCR contacting you and is likely to be fraudulent. Be Careful!

How to report corruption by UNHCR staff or their partners?

Who are the UNHCR partners? those are agencies that UNHCR refers you to receive a specific service, such as medical.

What is corruption? It is offering, giving, receiving (directly or indirectly) anything of value to influence improperly the actions of another party.

How do I complain about UNHCR staff and their partners?

If you have information about UNHCR staff, or staff of UNHCR partners or contractors, being involved in corruption, exploitation, and fraud, report it immediately and directly to UNHCR’s Inspector-General’s Office (IGO) at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Note: if you are defrauded by another organization or individual not funded by UNHCR nor were you referred to that entity by UNHCR, such fraud does not fall under the responsibility of the Inspector-General’s Office.

All communication with the IGO is kept confidential, your identity will not be shared with anyone.