Ukraine Situation

The Irish government has announced the immediate lifting of visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland.

This will apply as an emergency measure to all Ukrainians travelling to Ireland and is subject to review.

People who are considering leaving Ukraine and travelling to Ireland may do so without a visa if they judge it safe to travel. Those who travel to Ireland without a visa during this period will then have 90 days after arrival to regularise their position.

If people wish to apply for asylum/international protection during that period, they may do so in person at the International Protection Office. For more details, please click here

If you or others are in Ukraine or neighbouring countries, you can find more information on procedures in place to assist people here:

Inside Ukraine: (They will be adding more soon including links to other sites)
In Hungary:
In Poland: and also the Polish government website for Ukrainians: (to be scrolled down for additional languages and government hotline number: +48477217575)
In Romania: and the website of our partner, the Romanian National Council for Refugees:
In Slovakia: and the govt site