About UNHCR in the Czech Republic

The UNHCR Office in the Czech Republic monitors the situation, collects statistical information and assists the authorities with building the asylum system and quality assistance to asylum-seekers and recognised refugees.

Are you an asylum-seeker, recognised refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection in the Czech Republic and do you wish to contact UNHCR regarding your situation or complaint?

To describe your overall situation, you may wish to complete the anonymous on-line questionnaire.

UNHCR office in the Czech Republic can be also contacted directly by email at [email protected] or via phone n. 📞 +420 776 437 775.

Please note, that UNHCR in the Czech Republic does not provide legal representation in individual cases. If an asylum-seeker agrees, UNHCR can be present during the asylum interview and review the asylum case file to see if all procedural steps are correct and in line with international law.

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