Refugee duties

In addition to claiming your rights as a refugee, or beneficiary of subsidiary protection, you also have several duties to abide by according to the Law of the Republic of Cyprus:

  • A refugee must abide by the Constitution, the Laws, and Regulations of the Republic.
  • No refugee may engage in activities which may endanger the security of the Republic or disrupt public order or harm public interest.
  • A refugee shall not engage in activities which are contrary to the principles of the United Nations and international law.
  • A refugee must refrain from engaging in any illegal activities, including human trafficking, drug trafficking, or any form of criminal behaviour.
  • A refugee is responsible for adhering to health regulations, including vaccination requirements and seeking medical care when necessary.
  • Refugees are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and participate in their children’s educational development to the best of their ability.

UNHCR encourages refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection to actively work towards integrating into the Cypriot society by joining language courses and participating in integration programs when available. For more information, please visit our section on Integration support.