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Are you seeking asylum?

The Government of Kazakhstan is responsible for helping people who arrive in the country seeking asylum. The Department of Employment and Social Programs is the government body that manages this. If you want to apply for asylum, please visit them at their offices. You can find their offices in different cities at the following addresses:

  • Astana city, 9 Beibitshilik St.
  • Almaty city, 85 Dostyk Ave.
  • Shymkent city, 89 Baiterekova St.
  • Taldykorgan city, 26 Kabanbai batyr St.

If you are not in one of these cities and would like to submit your application in a different place, you can look for your closest Department of Employment and Social Programs. You can find all of their addresses on the Government’s website. You can find all of their addresses on the Government’s website.

UNHCR National Office

Address: 14 Mambetov Str, Astana
Phone number: 📞 +7(717)269 6545
Hotline: 📞 +7(701)744 7238
Email: [email protected]

Services in Kazakhstan

UNHCR helps refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless people through partner organisations.  You can contact our partners directly: 

Legal assistance

For legal and counselling assistance, contact the International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law (BHR)

➡️ Almaty:

  • House 4a, Office 423, 8th Microdistrict
  • Tel.: 📞 +7(727)249 6044

➡️ Shymkent

  • Office 44, 49 Kazybek Bi St.
  • Tel.: 📞 +7(701)558 9253

Financial, medical and social assistance

Contact the Red Crescent Society

➡️ Almaty

  • First Floor, 86 Kunaev Street, Almaty
  • Tel.: 📞 +7 (727) 236 7617
  • Tel.: 📞 +7 (701) 249 6401

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