Who can get refugee protection in Canada?

To get refugee protection, you need to show that you cannot return to your country of nationality or residence because you fear persecution for at least one of the following reasons (there are examples under each heading (there are examples under each heading): 

Race or nationality 

For example, you fear persecution because you are a part of an ethnic or language minority group. 


For example, you fear persecution because you are a part of a religious minority or have converted to another religion.  

Member of a particular social group

For example, you have been subject to violence because of your sexual orientation or gender, or you fear persecution because of your family ties.  

Political opinion

For example, you are a journalist or blogger, a human rights activist, or you are seen as a government opponent. 

Risk to your life or cruel and inhuman treatment 

You are facing a personal risk that is not faced by the general population. For example, you reported criminal activities to your local police and now the criminals are targeting you.

Risk of torture

You have been subjected to or are at risk of being subjected to severe mental or physical harm by the government authorities (under their orders or with their consent), to get information from you or to punish you.