Economic immigration of skilled refugees

Refugee labour mobility removes barriers that impede refugees from moving to another country for work. In Canada, refugees can apply to immigrate based on their skills or work experience through regular immigration programs. Applying through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) makes it easier for refugees and others in need of international protection, by waiving certain requirements (having a valid passport, for example). EMPP candidates must apply from outside of Canada.

Certain NGOs have an agreement with IRCC to identify refugee candidates qualified for job vacancies in Canada. They will not ask refugees for payment for their services. Two of these NGOs (Talent Beyond Boundaries and TalentLift) have an online database where interested refugees can create a profile including their skills and work experience. Talent Beyond Boundaries and TalentLift consult these databases when recruiting for specific roles with Canadian employers. The employers decide who to hire.

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