Livelihood Support

Refugees and asylum seekers can apply for Government Living Expense Support 

For more detailed information on the rights and treatment of Refugee Status Applicants, Humanitarian Status Holders and Recognised Refugees, please contact the Immigration Contact Center (dial 1345). 


Two conditions must be met for you to be eligible: 

  • The submission of a refugee status application was made within six months; 
  • An applicant is in financial difficulty due to disease, pregnancy, childrearing, and other reasons. 

Please note that not all applicants receive Living Expense Support from the Korean government. Recipients will be selected based upon circumstances of each individual case. 

How to apply

  • You need to be present at a local immigration office in your region to apply 
  • You may submit one application for your family, a main applicant being the representative of the family listing the dependent family members. 

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