Asylum in Pakistan

If you want to apply for asylum in Pakistan

If you have just arrived and want to apply for asylum in Pakistan, you should get in touch with either UNHCR or one of our partners, depending on your location: 

  • If you are in Islamabad or Karachi – contact SHARP 
  • If you are in Quetta – contact SEHER 
  • If you are in Peshawar – contact UNHCR 

You can find all contact details for UNHCR and our partners on our Contacts page.

Please remember, if you currently have a Proof of Registration (PoR) card or an Afghan Citizen Card (ACC), you will NOT be eligible for registration. Please also note that UNHCR Pakistan does not have an active resettlement programme at this time. 

If you have already applied for asylum in Pakistan

If you have already applied for asylum and were part of the registration exercise done by the Government of Pakistan and were given a Proof of Registration (PoR) card, you do not need to apply for registration again. This card gives you temporary legal stay in Pakistan and freedom of movement.  

The Government of Pakistan, with support from UNHCR, is currently working on the Documentation Verification and Information Verification (DRIVE) exercise. All PoR card holders verified through this exercise will receive new smart PoR cards valid for 2 years. If you have a PoR card, please follow the instructions you will receive as part of this exercise.  

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