Long-Term Solutions


Persons granted subsidiary protection or refugee status in North Macedonia are entitled to rights and subject to certain obligations, as set out in the Law on International and Temporary Protection, including the right to work, social protection, healthcare, education and housing.

Once an asylum-seeker has been granted subsidiary protection or refugee status, the Intermunicipal Centre for Social Work (CSW) develops an individual integration plan for them. 

City Red Cross assists CSW in implementing these integration plans, including through complementary assistance. UNHCR and partners facilitate access to services as set in the legislation, which includes support to find a job, learn the Macedonian language, support to access education, counselling and accessing available national services.

Voluntary Return

If you are considering returning home, IOM can help you. The IOM Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programmes support migrants unable or unwilling to remain in the host or transit country and who deicide to return to their country of origin. The programmes include administrative, logistical and financial support as well as reintegration assistance in the country of origin.

  • AVRR Focal Point for North Macedonia: +389 70 393 147 or +389 71 788 154
  • For more information about the programme: https://avrr-wb.com/


UNHCR does not do resettlement from North Macedonia. For more information about resettlement in general please visit the following link: UNHCR – Resettlement.