You can contact a number of NGOs or institutions through specific lines to get other forms of help and support:

  • If you have acute thoughts of taking your life or know anyone who does, contact 📞 112 for urgent assistance, available in Latvian and English.
  • For medical advice and information about the nearest psychiatric emergency unit in Latvia, dial 📞 6601 6001, available in Latvian and Russian.
  • For emotional support helpline for adults and children, contact the Crisis and Counselling Centre ‘Skalbes’ by dialling 📞 116 123 (open 24/7).
  • If you are a victim of physical, mental, economic or sexual violence, contact Cietušajiem (Victims) by dialling 📞 116 006 (every day, 12.00-22.00).
  • If you are under 18 years old or you know someone who is and needs help or advice, contact Bērnu un pusaudžu uzticības tālrunis (Children and youth hotline) by dialling 📞 116 111 (open 24/7) or contact them on their 💬 online chat (Mondays to Fridays, 12.00-20.00), available in Latvian.

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