I need a lawyer and/or interpreter in my case

State legal aid, which means having a lawyer provided by the State, is free of charge for people who cannot pay for a lawyer to represent them. State legal aid is only available if you received a negative decision in your asylum case and want to appeal it.

To receive state legal aid, you must file an application form to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (if you are not detained in Latvia) or to the State Border Guard (if you are detained in a detention centre in Latvia). You can ask the OCMA to give you the application form in a language you understand.

For questions related to State provided free legal aid, please contact the Legal Aid Administration.

You can also contact our partner, the Latvian Centre for Human Rights, who may be able to provide free legal counselling in your case.

During the asylum procedure, if you need an interpreter, the OCMA should provide you with one.

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