Legal counselling and assistance

Some services may be temporarily unavailable due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) health measures.

Asylum-seekers and refugees registered by UNHCR in Iraq are protected under the Iraqi Constitution and the Political Refugee Law No. 51 of 1971. They must also meet the obligations proscribed by those laws. Violations of Iraqi law may subject you to court proceedings, detention, deportation, and related consequences.

Legal counselling and legal assistance services for asylum-seekers and refugees residing in and outside camps are available through UNHCR and partners to acquire civil documentation and in family law matters.
UNHCR and partners can assist in obtaining civil documentation, including birth certificates for cases of birth outside the hospitals, as well as death certificates and issuance of marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and legal guardianship.  In certain cases, UNHCR and partners represent refugees in detention and in court proceedings.    

For more information or to seek assistance:

Consult UNHCR and/or NGO partners about available resources, or call the Iraq Information Centre (IIC) toll-free at 80069999. All calls are confidential. The IIC can be reached 8:00am – 6:00pm (Sunday – Thursday) and 9:00am – 3:00pm (weekends and holidays) . You can also request a call-back by sending ‘HELP’ and your phone number via SMS to 80069999, or via Facebook messenger (@IICInfo) and IIC operators will call you. Do not send details about your situation over the internet.