Resettlement programmes make it possible for refugees to enter the country legally and safely. There are, however, only few available places. Each year, many more people wish to be resettled than there are places available. There is not entitlement to resettlement. Each country determines the number of resettlement places and the countries from which people will be admitted independently. In the years 2016 and 2017 Germany will admit a total of 1,600 persons through its resettlement programme.

There is a fixed/strict selection procedure to determine who will be given a place in the resettlement programme. UNHCR examines cases according to certain criteria and then suggests particularly vulnerable persons for admission to Germany. The German authorities have the final say regarding who will be admitted as part of the programme. The UNHCR office in Germany is not responsible for the selection of persons suitable for resettlement. There are no resettlement programmes for travelling from Germany to another state such as Canada or the United States.

Further information regarding resettlement can be found on our website.