How to apply for asylum

An application for asylum can be submitted in the territory of Finland, or at a port of entry (an airport, land border crossing check point or seaport). You can apply for asylum with a border guard in any border point at Finland’s border when entering the country. You can do that if you do not have a valid visa, travel documents or Finnish residence permit.

If you are already in Finland and would like to apply for asylum, you should approach the Police. Here can find the addresses and opening hours of the police stations where you can apply for asylum in Finland. You do not need to make an appointment to apply for asylum.

You can also find more information about international protection in Finland on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service, which contains information in Finnish, English, and Swedish. You can select one of these languages at the top of the website.

All matters concerning the asylum procedure are managed by the Finnish authorities according to the national rules and regulations and with trained and competent national officials specialised in asylum matters. UNHCR is not involved in the processing of asylum applications in Finland.

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